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Western Nursing Handguide

The WFNSA has created online handguide for Western nursing students. These guides contain information to aid you throughout the school year. This guide contains information on the WFNSA, campus maps, clinical dress codes, and more!



Student Center

Your Student Center is where you register for courses, view final grades, access your timetable, view your tuition balance and order official transcripts/letters.

Here is also where you can apply for financial aid (ie. Financial Aid Profile (FAP)), bursaries and work-study, as well as check the status of your OSAP application!

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UWO Mail

This is where you access your official email account. Updates from Western as well as your Academic Counsellor Denice Litzan will come through this email. It is important that you are checking it regularly (perhaps every day)! This is also the primary form of contact for your professors and everyone else at Western!




OWL is the website where you access all of your course information. By the first day of classes, all classes that you have successfully registered it will appear on this website. All course information such as the syllabus, assignments, class notes, exam information and grades will be accessed through this site. It is important that you are checking OWL daily for updates!



University Students' Council

The University Students' Council is Western's official governing student body that represents over 30,000 undergraduate students. They own and operate a  majority of services available in the University Community Centre making them one of the largest corporations in London! They are those ones responsible for your bus pass and health plan and also have many opportunities for students to get involved both on and off campus! 



Western Libraries

Western Libraries is a collection of seven libraries. The library tailored to Health Sciences (Health Studies, Nursing, Kinesiology) is located at Taylor Library. Many articles assigned to you as readings for your courses can be accessed through this site. Their Off-Campus features allows any Western student to access the database even when they are not on campus! 

Arthur Labatt School of 


FIMS and Nursing Building,

Room 1302

London, ON, N6G 1G8

Photos & News Submissions

If interested in submitting photos from WFNSA events or news pertaining to upcoming related events, please email the VP Communications, Laura Matias (

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