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Nursing Student of the Month

This is an opportunity to recognize exceptional nursing students who make a difference in their community. Every student from each year will have the chance to be nominated by a peer depending on the month.


Nomination schedule 2020-2021:

  • October - Year 4 

  • November - Year 3 

  • January - Year 2  (1 winner from each site = 2 winners)

  • February - Year 1  (1 winner from each site = 2 winners)

  • March - CTF  (1 winner)

Any nursing student (regardless of the nominator's year) can nominate

a student. Nominations will open on the first of every month and are due

by the 23rd of the month. Winners will be announced by the end of each 





Winners will be decided by the WFNSA council and announced

during the last week of the month. Winners will receive a certificate and win a Starbucks giftcard!



Please contact Melissa Tan (VP Admin) at or your year representative for any questions or concerns.


Past Winners

Haylee Park - 4th Year


Haylee always prioritizes her friends and classmates before herself. She took initiative to offer help with studying and school work, and she always checks in on the mental health of others. She inspires others to become better student nurses and has contributed in many positive ways to the nursing student experience of many!

Bianca Dobransky - 3rd Year


Bianca has committed her time to volunteer for the STARS program, a program that helps the university by providing assistance to other nursing classes to further their learning experience. By volunteering in STARS, she is not only helping other students develop the skills they need as a nurse, but she is also helping the instructors. As well, Bianca is a part of LAMP. Through this program, she is able to guide multiple first year students into the nursing program and help integrate them into the Western community. Bianca demonstrates herself as a leader and a team player by getting involved into the nursing program at Western. 

Maryium Mansur - 2nd Year (Western Site)


Maryium is part of the peer support team, which helps students through their stress and mental health. She has been caring and is a rock for her peers. She has recently landed a job at a long-term care home. What makes Maryium unique is that not only does she excel academically, she truly wants to bring change to the community. Maryium was a great help to the grassroots organization Conquer COVID-19 this summer, which raised $2.5 million and distributed over 3 million items of PPE to healthcare facilities and vulnerable communities across Canada. Even with her busy schedule, Maryium strives to improve her community in the best way possible. She cares deeply for the people around her, which is the best quality in a nurse.

Kyla Warnar - 2nd Year (Fanshawe Site)


Kyla has one of the kindest hearts in our program. She is always wearing a smile on her face and her laughs are always contagious. She never makes anyone feel left out. She always goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcomed and included. When someone is having a hard time at school, she will drop everything to give you her time and comfort you till you feel better. She deserves the award because she embodies the core of what nursing is: caring. She cares for everyone; friend, peer, teacher, complete stranger. Many of us are inspired by her kindness and hope to be just as caring.

Thalia Scavazza - 1st Year (Western Site)


Thalia is very dedicated to becoming a paediatrics nurse while working full time. She is very diligent in her pursuit, and is well on her way to becoming an amazing RN. Thalia works full time as a manager at Walmart while balancing nursing school and everything else. Her family is also across the country and she has been doing so well on her own. She is such a support to anyone who talks to her and is very involved with many first year nursing students. 

Paula Penilla - 1st Year (Fanshawe Site)


Paula is a hardworking and dedicated student that gives her 100% to her passion of nursing. Paula is a beautiful person inside and out. Paula is always studying on the phone with me and helps me stay on track, as well as answering any questions I have about the material. Even though I am always asking Paula for help, she is always patient and keeps helping until I am comfortable with the material. During group projects Paula demonstrates amazing leadership and knows how to keep things both fun and productive. Paula is always checking on her friends and classmates to make sure they are well. Paula also has a contagious optimism that keeps her peers motivated. Paula is an outstanding role model to her peers and an excellent example of nursing leadership.

Jennifer Farlow - Year 2 (CTF)


Jen deserves to be nominated for Nursing Student of the Month because she is one of the most kind, caring and dedicated individuals I have ever met. Not only does she have the compassion and empathy for caring for individuals living with illnesses, but she also does for her peers, colleagues and friends. I have personally seen her help her friends and peers get through the ups and downs of nursing school and it amazes me how she stays so level-headed and enthusiastic no matter the situation she is in. She has a passion for cancer research and development and has extensive experience volunteering at Grand River Regional Cancer Center and even led the pilot of a cancer screening project initiative at Western. She has so many great nursing qualities and I know she is going to make a such a positive difference in so many people's lives in the many years to come!

Basma El-Salviti - Year 1 (CTF)


Of the many interesting people I have met in Western’s CTF Nursing program, Basma is easily one of the most inspirational. During her undergrad, she kept herself busy by mentoring young teens, teaching First Aid and CPR, and acting as a research assistant in various studies conducted on sport psychology and exercise for smokers. After graduating, Basma got married and moved to Qatar for three years. When she returned to Canada and after having her first child, Basma decided to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. Despite her very busy schedule, she is always offering helpful advice and answering questions in our group chat. She also often shares funny personal stories about her son to help entertain and distract us when we’re stressed from studying for a test or frustrated with a course. Basma's motivation and determination to follow her dreams and not let having a child or even a pandemic hold her back, is truly remarkable. I have nothing but respect for Basma's passion for her education and how much she genuinely cares about putting in the work to be a good nurse. I have no doubts that Basma will achieve her goals of becoming a RN and I hope this recognition will show her just how much her classmates appreciate and support her.

Arthur Labatt School of 


FIMS and Nursing Building,

Room 1302

London, ON, N6G 1G8

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