Nursing Student of the Month

This is an opportunity to recognize exceptional nursing students who make a difference in their community. Every student from each year will have the chance to be nominated by a peer depending on the month.


Nomination schedule 2020-2021:

  • October - Year 4 

  • November - Year 3 

  • January - Year 2  (1 winner from each site= 2 winners)

  • February - Year 1  (1 winner from each site= 2 winners)

  • March - CTF  (1 winner)

Any nursing student (regardless of the nominator's year) can nominate

a 4th year nursing student. Nominations are open until the 

23rd of each month.




Winners will be decided by the WFNSA council and announced

during the last week of the month. Winners will receive a certificate and win a gift card courtesy of Western Hospitality Services! 



Please contact Melissa Tan (VP Admin) at or your year representative for any questions or concerns.

Congrats to our winners!

Emma Woodside

Emma has been involved in the nursing program throughout her time at Western.  She is a kind and caring student who is always willing to lend a hand to support a peer in need. Even when she experienced the loss of her roommate she would still support her peers in their grief by speaking at the memorial held at Western. She is an academic leader in her classes and always strives to do her best. She is a support for her peers personally and professionally through the advocacy work she did for the program during her time on the WFNSA. Often, the work that is done by her goes unrecognized by many of her peers, however, she deserves recognition for all that she has done to better herself, our program and her peers. She has left an impact on the Western nursing program that will outlast her time here at Western.

Fourth-year Nursing Student of the Month

Valentina Ovad

Third-year Nursing Student of the Month

Valentina moved across the country to be able to attend Western and since then, she has made a big difference in the school and the local community by consistently demonstrating small acts of kindness that make a real difference. She supports her classmates academically and emotionally.  Valentina provides classmates tutoring in the science courses free of charge. At placement, she takes initiative on things like fixing soap dispensers so that hand hygiene/patient safety is promoted and she consistently validates the patients’ and their family members’ feelings/experiences. She really focuses on practicing client and family-centered care.

Karen Tjew

Karen makes quite a difference in our Western community. She is a part of the STARs program which not only helps the school to run the nursing program smoothly with her help in lab and simulation but also helps other students with their education by helping them gain experience and provide helpful feedback. She is also a part of the SNAPs program, being someone who had a SNAP mentor as a first-year student, she recognized the importance of having an upper-year student to guide her along the first years and provide helpful tips about the program. She helps her first-year mentee to integrate themselves into the Western environment by acting as a backbone of support for her mentee and by answering any questions to minimize their anxiety about the program. Karen is always searching for new opportunities to gain further nursing experience. For example, after spending some time in her community placement she realized she wanted to learn more about the work nurses and health care providers do in that facility. She then decided to volunteer at that vary community placement in order to learn more about how nurses there make an impact on their patients’ lives, and to develop more relational skills with patients.

Second-year Nursing Student of the Month

Sera MacKinnon

Second-year Nursing Student of the Month

Nursing is without a doubt, a passion of Sera's. Whatever you need, Sera will be there to help in any way possible, with friends and even for the school, for example, her volunteering for the nursing open houses. Her knowledge and understanding of nursing and what it means to be a nurse is obvious through her actions and efforts she puts into school and her practice. She is someone whom I think greatly deserves the nursing student of the month award.

Chloe Keaney & Jade Ritter

First-year Nursing Student of the Month

Chloe has been incredibly helpful to her first-year student peers with lab assessments by creating creatively visual pamphlets that take us to step by step on how to do each assessment. She didn't need to share her hard work with everyone, but she did anyway and she deserves to be appreciated for it!

Jade's dedication to her studies is unmatched and she is always ready to help others. She constantly prioritizes her schoolwork to ensure that she’s becoming the best nurse that she can be. She is truly an inspiration for myself and many of her peers to work hard and embody the qualities and values of a good nurse. Jade makes the perfect nursing student of the month!

Arthur Labatt School of 


FIMS and Nursing Building,

Room 1302

London, ON, N6G 1G8

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