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wfnsa council



If you are interested in contributing to the Western Nursing community and working with fellow students, consider applying for a position that interests you!.

The 2020-2021 application deadline: March 1st, 2020 via email

A written application & contract are to be signed and submitted. Each applicant may only apply for one position per electoral term. However, if you are interested in multiple positions, please indicate that under “is there anything else we should know about you?” on your written application.

An interview time slot must also be selected prior to the submission deadline. Interviews will be held on the week of March 2nd, 2020. 

  1. Executive roles (Vice President/Speaker of Council) apply here:

  2. All other roles a:

  3. All applicants are guaranteed an interview. To do this, please sign up here: WFNSA INTERVIEW TIME SLOTS.xlsx. Interview slots are based on a first come first serve basis.

  4. To download the agreement form click on the position you wish to apply to below, sign and email the contract back before March 1st, 2020. 

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