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Don't know where to get the best deal for your scrubs? Want to know what sites sell the best lab shoes? Don't know what stethoscope to get? The WFNSA has you covered!


We have curated a directory of all the essentials, and a few extra gadgets to make your life easier, all in one place. 

Shopping List:


$$$: Jaanuu, Figs

$$: Cherokee Scrubs, Dickies

$: Walmart, Giant Tiger, Local thrift stores


$$$: 3M Littmann


$: Glia

Scrub Shoes

$$$: Vessi, 



Water Bottles

$$$: S’well, Yeti, Hydro Flask

$$: Thermos, Manna

$: Local essentials stores (ie. Walmart, Loblaws, Costco, Canadian Tire, etc)

Other Useful Nursing Gadgets

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